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Project Timeline

1st - 5th September
Year 6/7 Camp

10th September
P & F Meeting 7pm

19th September
School closes for Term 3

6th October
Labour Day Public Holiday

7th October
School commences for Term 4


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Playgroup Fridays 9.30am to 11am
in the Good Samaritan Room

P&F Meetings - second Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Meeting Room



Monday - Prep, Year 1, Year 2
Thursday - Yrs 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Students are to wear their
sports uniform on these days.

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Welcome to St Clare's Parish School, Tully

Saint Clare's is a vibrant community of over 200 students in Tully – Far North Queensland. Our school prides itself on the wonderful reputation that it enjoys in the local community and the dedicated and caring staff that work with us.

Saint Clare's school is experiencing exciting times at present. We have recently added a new technology room, administration block and built a roof over our basketball court. These new buildings have allowed us to cater for the growing needs of the community, and to allow us to provide greater service to our students and the community in general.

Saint Clare's provides an excellent education for its students. Staff pride themselves in catering for individuals and their diverse needs. We enjoy a very close link with the church, as classes celebrate Mass regularly and enjoy class visits from our Parish Administrator, Fr Karel Duivenvoorden.Celebrating Catholic Education in Queensland

Thank you for taking the time to tour our website and I invite you to contact the school should you have any queries.          

Greg Hoare - Principal


Latest News & Events

Our Fete was a huge success with a very good crowd and a great family atmosphere. The children's performances were excellent and I congratulate the students, their teachers and the many parent helpers who organised costumes and the make-up.

Congratulations also to the children who provided the entertainment with their dance performances. It was great to see some of the dance talent in our area particularly from some of our past and present students.

I would really like to thank the huge number of people who helped with the Fete in many different ways from those who helped the children with their performances and with their costumes to those who helped leading up to the day or during the Fete itself from the BBQ, the Bar, to the various stalls and ticket sellers. I would also like to thank those who helped in setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Thank you also to the many businesses who supported our Fete through their very generous donations. It is very much appreciated.

Whilst there were many people who did so much to help there were a few people who were responsible for the overall organisation of the day. Tania Gilbert, the Fete coordinator, and Jenny Crema, the P&F President, need to be especially thanked for their efforts in coordinating everything.

I would also like to thank Nancy Marsillio for her many hours of support in helping the school by selling tickets in the street.

Please click here for the pictures in this week's newsletter.

Last Thursday the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) reports for students in years 3, 5 and 7 were sent home. I am pleased with the overall level of achievement and improvement displayed by our students in these tests. Congratulations to all students in years 3, 5 and 7 who completed the tests.

As you might have known, last term our Year 3 and 4 students wrote and illustrated letters to the Australian Air Force Heron Squadron operating at Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan. One of the members of this squadron was Nathan (Chris' son). We had also been praying for the squadron each morning while they were part of this mission. Well, I am happy to report that Nathan and his team made it back home safely to Australia last week. Amen!… and yesterday, being very generous with his long awaited time at home, he spent some of that here at our school. He visited the Year 3 and 4 classes, talking about his special mission and bringing with him reply letters from those servicemen and women that we wrote to. As you could imagine the Year 3 and 4 students were extremely excited and we read the letters they had received to the whole class. Hearing those letters was one of the most humbling experiences I have known to date. Here they are; in the middle of the desert (and war zone); in a foreign country; thousands of miles from home; ordinary men and women; with wives, husbands, children and pets; having been there for the past six months…taking the time to write back to our students about things that mattered to them. They wrote about working hard at school, getting involved in things, the importance of family and having fun. They thanked us for the prayers and said that our letters, which were pinned up in their quarters, was a great morale boost especially when they were missing home. Amen!   

Year 3 and 4 students with Nathan



If you have an android or apple device I urge you to download the St Clare’s Skoolbag app through the app store. Please ensure it is the St Clare’s Tully app, which has our emblem as its logo. This app comes in quite handy for push alerts and will be used in times of emergency such as flooding or impending cyclones. Please ensure you allow push alerts on your device once you have downloaded the app.


Note - Meeting change for P & F
Meetings are now on Wednesday nights - 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Meeting Room.

For all the latest news - please see this week's newsletter.


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